Academy Conversion

In October 2015, Tong annouced that the Regional Schools’ Commissioner had identified the best sponsor for the school and Governors approved the recommendation of working with Tauheedul Education Trust (TET).

TET runs an outstanding, growing network of faith and non-faith primary and secondary schools in the North, Midlands and London. It also develops education partnerships and has delivered successful school improvement support to many community schools in the region. Additionally, TET has worked with over a thousand senior and middle leaders and approximately 100 community schools from the North West through its leadership programmes, accredited by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

The exciting partnership with TET, as part of its non-faith division, will mean Tong Leadership Academy benefits from a national network of support and development opportunities, as we continue to improve educational standards. 

Since January 2016, Tong has had a number of TET staff working at Tong. In September 2016, Collette Roberts joined the Tong team as Academy Improvement Director to develop leadership and teaching and learning.  


As part of the proposal to become an Academy, there was a four week statutory consultation process (from 2 November to 27 November 2015in which parents, carers, staff, governors and other stakeholders were able to state their views on the proposal to convert to Academy status.

Please click here to view the responses to questions from the Parents’ Consultation meetings on Monday 9th November. 

Please click here to view the Statutory Consultation Report. 

Beyond this formal consultation period, we will continue to work closely with all stakeholders and continually seek feedback.  This  ongoing  engagement  will  be critical  to  our  approach,  and  the  success  of  the school moving forward.  


Parent/Carer Letters:

Please click here to view a FAQ sheet about TET and Academy Conversion. 

Please click here to view the School Funding Agreement.

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