Promoting good behaviour...

Important changes to behaviour system (Rewards and Sanctions)

At Tong Leadership Academy we want all our students to feel safe and happy. We also want them to achieve their true potential and be the best that they can be. Students are expected to display good behaviour and meet our STAR values on a daily basis both inside and outside school in our local community.  We expect this because we believe that good behaviour leads to academic success. 

The majority of our students do follow our school rules and are praised for doing this; we celebrate good behaviour and achievement through reward assemblies, star of the week, verbal praise, phone calls home, achievement points and special reward events throughout the year.

Unfortunately sometimes we have to deal with students who find meeting our expectations a challenge. Students have regular assemblies where they are reminded about school rules and STAR values and the consequences of not getting things right.

There have been some changes to the process and procedures linked to our expectations and we felt it was important that we communicate this to parents. 

Students who are logged for a reflection between periods 1 and 4 will be expected to stay for 30 minutes at the end of the day with the department which has issued the sanction. Families will be made aware of this by text and the reflection will also be logged in the student’s planner.  If a student receives a reflection during period 5 or 6, this will roll over to the next day.  Families will again be contacted by text and the reflection logged in the student’s planner.  Students who fail to attend will move to a 2 hour reflection which is managed by year teams on Thursdays after school and again families will be informed by text.

We hope that families will help us to improve behaviour at Tong by supporting the change to the process. If you have a concern around your child’s behaviour please contact the year team to discuss things further.

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