Behaviour, Bullying and Safety

Ensuring a happy and safe education...

Tong Leadership Academy expects all of its students to practise good behaviour and discipline at all times, in accordance with the Education and Inspections Act 2006.

As well as being required by law, our behaviour, anti-bullying and safety policies are there for a reason – they help to ensure that all Tong Leadership Academy students are safe, happy, can enjoy learning in a secure, supportive and pleasant environment, and that they, as young people, uphold positive values such as self-discipline, respect for others and a sense of responsibility that they can apply in their future lives.

Our comprehensive Behaviour & Discipline Policy (Incorporating Anti Bullying/Anti Discrimination) has everything you need to know about the values we uphold and how we encourage good behaviour and discipline, tackle bullying and discrimination, and help all our students lead positive, safe, enjoyable school lives free from harassment and full of achievement.

We also summarise our approach to some of these areas and provide useful information and contacts on the following pages:

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