Tackling bullying head-on...

We have a zero tolerance policy to any type of bullying, intimidation or anti-social behaviour.

This is upheld by a three part approach:

1.A culture of respect and non-confrontation through regular reminders and continuous communications to all students that they must behave responsibly and with consideration at all times to all peers, staff and school visitors, onsite and off, in person and online. Plus, with smartphones and social networking increasingly used, it is important to stay safe online – read more about Cyber Crime.

2.Crucially, we nip rare instances of bullying in the bud, by encouraging all pupils to tell a staff member, parent, friend or older sibling if they are subject to or witness bullying.  We have thoroughly discredited the outdated attitudes of ‘snitching’ and ‘grassing’ by communicating vigorously how dishonourable and undesirable it is to cover up for a bully – even when the victim of it.

3.We immediately stop the bullying.  While sensitive to all pupils, our focus is on those being bullied rather than the bullies themselves.  Bullies are punished appropriately and any repeat behaviour is met with temporary or permanent exclusion from the school. Please see our Behaviour and Discipline Policy for more information.



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