Business, IT & Enterprise (BITE)

Year 11 GCSE Business

Course Information:

Unit 1Introduction to Small Business (Multiple-Choice Exam – worth 25% of final grade)

Students completed studying Unit 1 in Y10. Students studied topics related to setting-up and running small businesses. Topics included Market Mapping, Competition, Franchising, Enterprise, Entrepreneurs and Revenue, Costs and Profits. This unit should have given students a strong foundation of knowledge to build-on in unit 3 throughout Y11.

Unit 2Investigating a Small Business (Coursework – worth 25% of final grade)

Students began research for their coursework at the very beginning of Y11 and are required to choose a small, local business to base their coursework on. They have 9 hours of research within timetabled lessons and then they will be required to sit in controlled-assessment conditions to perform the final write-up for their assessed piece of coursework. The deadline for this coursework is Wednesday 19th October.

Unit 3Building a Business (Written Exam – worth 50% of final grade)

Students will begin studying Unit 3 after the October half-term holidays, once they have completed their controlled assessment. This unit gives students the opportunity to examine how a business develops beyond its start-up phase. Topics include Marketing, Customer Service, Financial Management and People Management. There is a much greater focus on student’s written responses to answers and students will be required to build upon their analytical and evaluative responses to higher-mark, long-answer questions.

Key Dates:

Wednesday 19th October 2016– deadline for submission of Unit 2 coursework

Wednesday 24th May 2017– Unit 1 Multiple-Choice Exam (45 mins)

Friday 9th June 2017– Unit 3 Written Exam (90 mins)

Useful Websites:

Here you can find a whole variety of different resources for each topic such as key terms, topic information, multiple-choice questions and case study questions.

You may find this useful to find a list of the different topics studied as part of the GCSE course and content that students are required to have covered.

This is a valuable website for students to look at daily to provide context to what they are learning. For example, many news articles appear explaining the impact that interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates are having on people and businesses.

This may be a useful website in order to find specifications, GCSE past-papers, course information and may have some revision materials.

Revision Tips:

·       Make sure you can recall the key terms and definitions from each topic – make a list and test yourself on each one.

·       Practice your analysis and evaluation questions – remember, always try to use the 3-bounce theory! (Identify – Explain – Effect)

·       Don’t cram your revision – create a revision timetable early (now) for each subject and try to revise two hours per subject each week. You will be much calmer, confident and prepared when the exams come around.

·       If there is a topic that you don’t quite understand, either re-read your notes, research the internet or ask your teacher for some help.


If you require any support or have any further questions with regards your child’s studying on the GCSE Business course at Tong Leadership Academy, then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher directly:

Mr Myers –– Teacher of Business Studies

Mr Tetley –– Teacher of Business Studies

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