Cyber Crime

Stay safe online...

Naturally, children and young people want to make use of what the online world has to offer while at school, home and on the move.  Instant access to educational tools, and information, entertainment, communications and social networks comes via many routes - PCs, laptops, tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

The technology allows them to learn, express themselves, be creative and interactive, explore and stay in touch when out of the classroom.

However, as in the ‘real world’, online activity brings real risks to youngsters – and worries for parents.  Among the threats are cyber crime – e.g. bullying, grooming and hacking – and concerns about inappropriate sites, web addiction and what images and information are shared with others.

At Tong Leadership Academy, we encourage students and parents alike to stay safe online and be completely aware of risks and pitfalls.  Like other schools, we work closely with the police in this area and actively promote the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, which works across the UK tackling abuse and providing advice for parents, young people and the organisations which work with them.

Please check out CEOP’s excellent Parents’ and Carers Guide to the Internet here,, and contact CEOP or the Centre if any questions remain unanswered.

Also visit Cyber Mentors, an anti-bullying website that uses a social networking model to allow children and young people to mentor each other.

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