Home Learning and Out of Class Learning 

Why is learning at home important?

At Tong Leadership Academy home-learning is designed to support achievement and help our pupils to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning.

Learning out of the classroom is an essential part of a student’s education. Regular home-learning is set because it gives pupils the opportunity to research, consolidate, practise, and revise. Home-learning develops important life long skills. It helps students become confident and independent in their learning.

We believe home-learning is vital for academic success at any level. It allows families to spend time supporting their child and encouraging them to always give their best effort.

Both the government and OFSTED see out of class learning as an integral part of education.

Home -learning is defined as work that is an additional enhancement of the work undertaken in lessons. Not all homework is done at home; in fact, for some pupils who find it hard to work at home, or for some tasks, which may require resources (books, software, equipment), it is necessary or desirable to carry out the task at school.

The Love to Learn is open for all students after school Monday-Friday until 3:30pm. 

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