Learning Journal 

Tong High School has invested in a brand new, stylish, modern and practical Learning Journal that has been designed and personalised with our new PRIDE values included. The Learning Journal has been developed by our students as well as our staff to ensure that it contains relevant, practical and useful information and activities.

Our students will find the Learning Journal to be a necessity at school and home and a really valuable asset to support their own organisational skills and learning. It is easy to use to ensure students are well prepared for their day to day school work and can keep a good record of achievement and attendance along with important reminders and notes.

Our PRIDE reward system is an essential part of all lessons at Tong High School and a plastic wallet has been attached to the inside of the cover so that students always carry their PRIDE reward card with them and can benefit from our reward system at all times. We believe that students who consistently demonstrate the PRIDE values in and around the school community should be rewarded and the PRIDE card is a really practical and user friendly way of allowing all students to be recognised for their efforts.

Student, parent and teacher communication is key to aiding the learning of all young people at Tong High School and pages have been provided to make communication quick and reliable.  The new Learning Journal has everything you would expect from a school planner and much more. It has a hard back cover with a dry wipe surface to use as a white board and contains a number of other useful pages that can be used to enhance learning and check progress and understanding in lessons. Examples of this include: True and False pages; A, B, C pages; Red, Amber Green (RAG) cards. These will help the student and the teacher gauge and monitor learning in every lesson and quickly identify areas that are understood as well as those where support from other learners or adults is required.

Parents will find The Home/School Agreement and Uniform Policy useful to guide their uniform purchases and be aware of their responsibility to facilitate and support their child’s learning. Also included is the school calendar which will be useful for noting consultation evenings as well as identifying revision sessions and planning holidays (out of term time).

Tong High School is extremely proud of our new and improved Learning Journal and the ways in which it will help all students achieve. All students from year 7 into THS6 will be required to bring their journal to school every day and use it as part of their school equipment.

Thank you for your continued support.

Student Progress Team.

Chloe Murgatroyd, Year 8 - Winner of the Design the Front Cover of the Learning Journal Competition 2013

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