Modern Foreign Languages

As a department, we are committed to making language learning a positive, enjoyable experience through a variety of teaching and learning activities.

Our current Year 7 students study French and our Year 8 students are continuing their Spanish course. 

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students continue their language to GCSE to give them access to the EBacc set of core qualifications. In addition to this, we actively encourage and support students to undertake GCSE, AS and A2 examinations in their community language. We have recently had examination success in Dutch, Polish and Arabic.

What students gain:

·        The ability to communicate effectively with others in Spanish / French

·        Healthy attitudes of tolerance and understanding, plus a developed cultural awareness

·        A heightened awareness of the structure of language, both native and foreign

·        Valuable, transferable skills such as communication, problem solving, creativity, ICT, literacy, numeracy and performance

·        Awareness of the structure of language, both native and foreign

·        Knowledge of new cultural points of interest; music, festivals, traditions, food and literature

·        Awareness of the benefits of language learning

How we teach:

In Years 7 and 8 teaching and learning focuses on building confidence, establishing firm foundations for further language study and enthusing and inspiring students through:

·        Role play, puppet shows, presentations and songs

·        Competitions using dice, mini white-boards, move cubes, beach balls, countdown timers etc.

·        ICT, such as interactive white-boards, language learning websites and the Internet to enjoy Spanish / French media.

In Years 9, 10 and 11, we build on students' prior learning to ensure that they become competent linguists who can converse confidently, write at length in a variety of styles and understand both the written and spoken word in a range of contexts. We recognise the importance of independent study at GCSE level and work closely with families to ensure that students can develop their language outside the classroom through MP3s, language learning CDs, websites, revision guides and attendance at weeklyintervention sessions.  

Department Staff

Mrs. S Harington

Curriculum Leader (Maternity cover)

Miss K Austin

Teacher of Spanish

Mr P. Comaish

Teacher of Spanish & French

Ms. S Calme

Teacher of Spanish & French

Ms. S Dumaine

Teacher of French

Mrs. C Webster

Teacher of French

Miss V. Shilling

Advanced Bi-Lingual Teaching Assistant

Mrs D. McDonagh

Curriculum Leader (currently on Maternity Leave)

Mrs D. Burns

Lead Practitioner A and Teacher of Spanish (currently on Maternity Leave)

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