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Changes to the school uniform

As we have now become part of Tauheedul Education Trust (TET), there will be a change in our school uniform. We will be moving towards the uniform worn in all TET secondary schools.  The year 7 students joining us in September 2017 will be the first to wear our new uniform.  The new uniform will not be with the uniform suppliers until June at the earliest.  We understand that Natasha’s Schoolwear in Bradford offer a savings scheme for parents and it is possible other uniform suppliers may do the same.  

There will be a transition period of 18 months for our current students in years 7-10 to acquire items as their current uniform needs to be replaced, with the exceptions of:- 

 It is expected that all current students with the exception of those at Post 16 will be wearing the new uniform fully from September 2018.

A full list of uniform requirements can be found by clicking the below links Uniform - Tong Leadership Academy.pdf Kit - Tong Leadership Academy.pdf

Parents’ Role

We ask that all parents respect and support our uniform policy and send their children to school correctly dressed, in clothes that are clean, pressed and in good repair.


We ask that you help to ensure your son/daughter is ready to learn unless and comes to school prepared. Bringing the correct equipment demonstrates positivity and excellence. 

Your son/daughter will need a black bag, pen, pencil, ruler and expected kit and equipment.

Pupil Planner - Every student is given a planner which they must carry with them every day.  The purpose of the planner is for students to plan their work and record achievements but also to ensure regular communication between parents/carers and the school.

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