Specialised Educational Needs and Disabilities

We aim to ensure that all students who attend Tong Leadership Academy achieve their potential irrespective of their starting point.  To provide this we have a team of people in school with specialised skills in supporting a wide range of learners.  Some of these work in the classroom alongside students providing them with individual support to ensure that they get the best out of the curriculum.

We also have a team of people which works with students for whom the standard curriculum does not always provide them with the support they require, as students come to us with a range of needs:

The aim of the provision is to ensure all students complete their education with recognised qualifications and vital life and employability skills.

Sometimes this involves students having an individual timetable to enable them to gain qualifications, not accessed through the mainstream curriculum. The key to meeting the needs of the students is flexibility, and to do this we currently work with a range of organisations that enable students to attend specialist courses.

Please click here to view our ‘Tong school Local Offer’ a list of all the provisions we have avaliable. All of our school provisions are outlined in The Local Offer, in relation to the new code of Practice 2014. 

Please click here to view our SEN Policy. 

Departmental Staff

Mrs J. Pickersgill SENCO
Mrs R. Saeed Assistant Leader of Flexible Accelerated Learning  
Ms D. Daulby Lead Practitioner for SEN
Ms R. Hindle  Flexible Learning Facilitator
Ms J. Cook Child Protection Officer
Mr C. Seale  Leader of Classroom Inclusion
Mrs C. Doherty Advanced Teaching Assistant
Mrs E. Fergus  Advanced Teaching Assistant
Mrs P. Fletcher Advanced Teaching Assistant
Mr D. Kowalowski  Advanced Teaching Assistant - EAL
Mrs S. Richardson Advanced Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Carter Counsellor
Mrs S.Afzal SEN Administrator

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