Student Progress Teams

The Student Progress Leader

Each year group has a Student Progress Leader (SPL) who oversees the educational and academic progress of each and every student in the community using a variety of tracking, target setting and monitoring tools. The SPLs hold community meetings once a week which have a dual focus of reflection on a relevant topic or event, and also to celebrate student achievement.

The Learning Mentor

The role of the Learning Mentor (LM) is to ensure all students are focussed on achieving the best of which they are capable, working to remove any barriers there may be.

The Team Tutors

Each tutor group is staffed by one or two Tutors. The Tutors meet with their tutor group for thirty minutes each day. Each tutor looks after the pastoral welfare and attendance of the students in their Tutor Group and holds a regular assertive mentoring meeting with every student to discuss their academic progress and set targets to improve achievement.

Student Leadership

To ensure that the students are as actively involved as possible in the Communities, and the school, each tutor group elects a Student Leader. Their job is to support their tutors in organising the everyday activities of the class. The Student Leader also represents the views of the students at The Voice (Student Council).

Tong as a Community

Besides the school as a whole being one big community, we are divided into five separate communities (Reformers, Athletes, Pioneers, Writers and Artists) all of which contain students from years 7 to 13.

Community Support

Student Achievements

One of the key ideas behind our Communities is to create a support system which encourages hard work and dedication. We do this through recognising achievements and celebrating them as a community. Each term, students receive certificates and rewards for effort and attendance.


Improving attendance is a school wide initiative. An effective way to improve it is by rewarding the communities and tutor groups which particularly excel. For more information about Attendance please click here.


The rewards system is run by each SPL.

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