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The Centre is in Zone 5C (near the 6th Form and SLP areas).  It offers a confidential* service for all students, with advice and counselling on a wide range of issues, such as; Anxiety, Health Lifestyle, Positive Relationships, Bullying, Friendships, Internet Safety, Quit Smoking Information, Self -Harm, Anger Management, Bereavement, Sexual Health, Self Esteem, Body Image, Depression and more... 

*The only reason we may have to discuss passing on confidential information would be if you or someone else may be in danger or at risk of harm. We would always try to talk about this with you first.

Many of The Centre's services are run during lessons and by appointment only.
There are drop in session for all students in school and this runs every break and lunch time.  This allows students to “drop in” for advice or information without having an appointment.  Opening Times for Drop In:
Break Time
1st Lunch (7,10, 6th form)
2nd Lunch (8,9,11)

Quotes from Students... 

“The Centre boosted my confidence and I don’t know what I would have done without the support.” – Year 10 Student
“The staff have been so helpful, don’t be afraid to tell them any of your problems.” – Year 7 Student
“Coming to see Carol has helped me control my anger, I enjoyed doing the anger management programme.” – Year 8 Student
“Coming to The Centre is good it has helped me stopped smoking.” – Year 11 Student
“Thank you for talking about periods and girls things with me.” – Year 9 Student 
“Carol & Kirsty have helped me through so much in my time at Tong, without The Centre I think I would probably still be angry with everyone and everything.” – Year 11 Student 

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